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At the time, the word was intended to mean no more than 'concentrated' or compressed'; if anything it was complimentary, implying that tabloid journalism (1901) was as good, handy and beneficial as tabloid medicine.In the light of experience, it has become a term of abuse meaning 'oversimplified, superficial, bigoted and nasty'.This second boat is said to take the wind out of the sails of the first.As might be expected, the original meaning of this, in the 16th century, was to take on something as a task.

The general sense, which is that one should not run away from a threat, is plain enough without resorting, as some do, to an explanation derived from bull-fighting or from American cowboys enjoying wrestling with steers.

It is popularly believed that the expression has its origins in a late-19th century amusement devised by black slaves in Southern US plantations in which participating couples promenaded about the room arm in arm.

The pair judged as walking and turning most gracefully was given a cake as a prize.

This euphemism comes from the sports pitch, and means to retire early to the dressing room after being injured, or sent off by the referee, during a match of football or rugby.

The phrase was popularised from the 1970s by the television sports commentator Eddie Waring in his descriptions of Rugby League matches, and is now often used to describe any situation in which someone is obliged to pull out of the action before it is over.

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Mike Bliss, sometimes shortened to Mike, is Cockney rhyming slang for 'piss'; it is not known who he was or even if he ever existed. A boat under sail can be slowed down if the wind is prevented from reaching its sails.

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